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Wild Cuisine - Film and TV Location Catering Specialists
About Us

Wild Cuisine was formed in 2000 when two talents met... Ian and Jill. As the business has grown we still insist that one or other (or both) of us are on location to ensure that our high standards are maintained.

Ian has designed/opened and run 5 restaurants worldwide (UK, New Zealand and Australia) and also managed the kitchens of a very well known country hotel, becoming the youngest head chef in Surrey at the age of 21. Since then his professional development has continued apace, including time spent running the catering for one of Englands most renowned recording studios, catering to the likes of Stevie Wonder/ABC/Smiths/Annie Lennox/Cliff Richard/Status Quo/Steele Pulse etc...

Jill spent many years catering to various outside events throughtout the UK and has catered for up to 600.

Having put our experience and talent together we can offer you an open-ended array of menus and service to enhance your production or event anytime, anywhere.

What a combination of experience you will have in your pocket.

Wildcuisine, Providing Food For Films, TV and Outdoor Events Since 2000
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